Face Shield

surgical face shield / face shield mask / disposable face shield

Professional Face shield, used to helps protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards, offers full face protection and a customized fit. The crown protector is made of thermoplastic material. The patented window is made of poly-carbonate while the window attachment system is easy to replace. The adjust pin-lock system is easy to adjust and offers a secure, custom fit.

Feature professional face shields are engineered to be comfortable, convenient, and functional to help keep professionals and DIYers safe.Designed to help protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards. With professional face shields, we’ve got you covered, so you can focus on getting the job done right.
From the Manufacturer Professional faceshield protects face from flying debris while working. Tough polycarbonate window and patented attachment system is impact resistant over a wide range of temperatures. Meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 and complies with OSHA requirements. Patented design with replaceable window.

Quality material

Elastic band for convenient waistline adjustment
Superior safe
Size Information
Item Weight 0.32 ounces
Product Dimensions
4.8 x 14 x 17 inches
Face Shield
Package Quantity1
CertificationNot ApplicableIncluded
Components1 face shieldBatteries Included?NoBatteries
Required?NoWarranty DescriptionDefective product replaced free of charge
Manufacture Specification
* It reduces potential exposure to blood, body fluids and other contaminating liquids
* Pleated Mask with Shield features a fluid-resistant ear-loop style mask and anti-fog shield
* It provides 99% bacterial filtration efficiency

EN 166 (European Standard)These shields are for protection against high-speed particles, and must withstand the impact of a 6 mm
nominal diameter steel ball, striking the oculars and the lateral protection at the speed stated.
* Mark A: 190 m/s.
* Mark B: 120 m/s.
* Mark F: 45 m/s. * ref. EN166


CSA (Canadian Standard)Z94.3-15 Eye and Face Protectors Class 6 relates to face shields, and is divided into 3 sub-classes
* 6A – Impact, piercing, splash, head, and glare protection.
* 6B – Radiation protection. Also for low heat, splash, glare, and light non-piercing impact protection.
* 6C – High-heat applications and light non-piercing impact protection only. * ref. CSA Z94.3-15

wo methods are used to manufacture faceshields: extrusion and injection molding. Faceshields cut from extrusion sheets provide better impact resistance than injection molded faceshields because extrusion sheets are made of high molecular weight plastic pellets while injection molding must use lower molecular weight plastic pellets, which provide better melt flowing property needed by injection molding. For example, even 0.8 mm thickness faceshields made of extrusion polycarbonate sheets can withstand the impact of a 6 mm nominal diameter steel ball traveling at the speed 120 m/s (European standard, protection against high-speed particles – medium energy impact), while injection molding faceshields must have at least 1.5 mm thickness to withstand the same impact. However, injection molding can provide more complicated shape than extrusion. Medical

A video describing research on the efficacy of face shields to protect against aerosol emitted from coughing.

In applications, “face shield” refers to a variety of devices used to protect a professional during a procedure that might expose them to blood or other potentially infectious fluids. An example is the use of a CPR mask while performing rescue breathing or CPR. Another example is the use of personal protective equipment to guard the face against exposure to potentially infectious materials.

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